About L.P. Gaz Solutions

After many years of farm-life in the Free State, Piet Delport and wife Estelle decided to return to their roots in the Eastern Cape. Settling in Port Alfred, Piet soon realised the potential for a local LP gas and appliance shop offering outstanding customer service and 24/7 support. Gascomm was founded in 1999.

A few years later and with the help of Estelle and son, Jaco, Piet built a hugely respected local LP gas business. Feeling Gascomm had achieved all their goals, Piet, Estelle and Jaco sold up and moved to Port Elizabeth, where L.P. Gaz Solutions was established in 2002. Jaco’s wife, Cheryl, joined the family business after six months.

Word soon spread about this family business, even reaching as far as Umtata where several gas installations were built. Due to increased customer demand; Piet recruited his daughter, Nadia to join the family business in September 2013.

After losing his long battle with heart disease, Piet sadly passed away on 06 November 2013.

Estelle now continues as owner of L.P. Gaz Solutions with Jaco taking over all of Piet’s duties. Estelle, Jaco, Nadia, Cheryl, William, Leon, AB and family guard dog, Charlie continue to run the family business.

Founder - Piet Delport

After almost 19 years as a family owned and run business, L.P. Gaz Solutions is still proud to offer unparalleled customer service with 24/7 support and exceptional quality. Working closely with the local Port Elizabeth fire brigade to ensure safe installations and compliance with the LP Gas Safety Associations rules, SANS (South African National Standard) codes of practice and Fire Safety By-Laws.

L.P. Gaz Solutions is registered with LPGSA (Reg No. QCC919) and are certified to carry out gas-related installations, inspections and issue a certificate of compliance as required by SANS regulations and the insurance industry.

L.P. Gaz Solutions' business is to provide a safe and dependable LP gas service for both your home and business.