Safety & Compliance

South African National Standard (SANS) 10087-1:2008 (edition 5) stipulates the conditions for the handling, storage, distribution and maintenance of liquefied petroleum gas in domestic, commercial and industrial installations.

The location of LPG containers shall be planned and put into effect with full regard for the properties of the gas and the construction of installations for conveying this gas in domestic dwellings and commercial buildings. All persons concerned with the installation of containers and appliances shall be registered installers in this respect and shall be familiar with the characteristics of the gas and the necessary precautions.

On-going inspection and repair:

1. Inspection

The user shall ensure that appliances, components of the installation and the distribution system are inspected at regular intervals (not exceeding five years) to ensure that all components are still operating effectively and that the system is leak free. All hoses used on outdoor installations shall be replaced five years after the date of installation.

2. Supplier of gas and equipment

The supplier of gas and gas equipment shall inform the user of his responsibilities in respect of safe operation, use and maintenance of the gas and equipment (see also the Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993 (Act no.85 of 1993) for the duties of the supplier.

3. Repair

The incorrect repair (or adjustment) of various components of a LPG installation can result in hazardous conditions. Only a registered appliance technician, as appropriate to the appliance being installed, shall therefore carry out such repair. This also includes the removal of appliances from a gas system.

L.P. Gaz Solutions is registered to carry out inspections and issue a Certificate of Compliance. We are also registered to install and maintain gas appliances.

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